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Corporate Coaching 

I work with companies that want to be a people-first organization helping them create a happy and empowered workforce by coaching the staff.  

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Corporate Coaching benefits

My coaching services for organizations are mainly focused on conducting individual coaching sessions with the employees of the companies that can be part of the staff or managers. Hiring someone external can create a sense of safety and confidentiality that helps the individuals get the most out of the sessions. Some of the benefits of coaching in organizations are:

  • Empowers individuals and encourages them to take responsibility

  • Increases employee and staff engagement

  • Improves individual performance

  • Helps identify and develop high potential employees

  • Helps identify both organizational and individual strengths and development opportunities

  • Helps to motivate and empower individuals to excel

  • Demonstrates organizational commitment to human resource development



I usually carry out between 6-10 individual sessions of one hour to guide and help the members of the teams understand their starting point and how to achieve their personal or professional goals. Through the Life Coaching sessions I will guide and encourage the Coachees to overcome certain obstacles that prevent or limit the possibility of achieving their goals. The sessions will be completely confidential to create this sense of security and trust that will allow the Coachee to grow personally.

  • The initial session will be to get to know each other, explain what is and what is not coaching, explain how the sessions are going to be, make an alliance between the Coach and the Coachee and comment on other details or doubts.

  • The remaining sessions will be to work on the topics chosen by the Coachee following a question-oriented dialogue, the Socratic Method. Through this method, the Coachee discovers what his life goals are and how to reach them. During the sessions I will help the Coachee to plan actions and to review the results.

The structure of these sessions will follow the GROW Coaching Model.

  • Goals: determining outcome and goals of the session.

  • Reality: giving clarity about the current situation and feelings.

  • Options: map of options. 

  • Will: plan. 

Once the Plan is determined, following sessions can be centered in the Review of the plan (evaluating the results, exploring relevant aspects, identifying and integrating learnings to plan new actions).

The five key skills that I will use for the sessions are: pacing, listening, asking, observing and giving feedback.

I always recommend that Companies send the Coachee an evaluation questionnaire after the coaching process in order to know her/his opinion and to be able to measure the results obtained with the sessions.



I’m currently working as a Corporate Life Coach for 18 Week Support a Healthcare UK Company. This is what their former CEO said about the company's experience with my coaching services:

"Patricia Valero Arias has supported 18 Week Support for over a year with consistently excellent feedback from staff. Very flexible and great value service. Patricia makes a real impact on well being & development. Highly recommend to all." 

"I had the pleasure of working with Patricia. She is an absolutely brillant Corporate & Personal Coach. She coached many of my coworkers and myself at 18 Week Support. Her skills and ability to break down what is holding back employees from thriving in their roles and personal life is very impressive. We saw a increase of output from our employees after they were coached from Patricia. She has a strong understanding of business goals and what is needed to help employees thrive in their roles. She will shake up your thinking by taking you out of your comfort zone. The main benefit of what she delivers is that you will grow to become the best version of yourself, based on your uniquness and strengths, every Employer needs to invest in her services. She will help your organisation transform. Patricia specialises in developing organisational and individual capability through consulting and coaching. working closely with the leadership/Executive team to help with; team development, personal effectiveness, resilience, career development, communication skills, strategic thinking, change management, organisational culture and influencing others. She is brillant. She facilitates teams to have honest conversations for alignment, vision and strategy. She helps you to think outside the box regarding your current challenges, access your own inner intentions of what you want to create. The investment of time and energy you put into your own journey is key to an impactful coaching engagement, she achieves this each and every time. She is empowering and helps you feel empowered whatever your personal or company goals are. She is a beacon of light." 

- Siama Odonnel, Talent Acquisition Manager

"The service that Paty offers to both individuals and companies (as part of an employee wellbeing offering) is invaluable! She's extremely professional, organised, empathetic, and above all very effective in supporting people to improve their wellbeing and overall lives. Her non-judgemental and compassionate approach is tied in perfectly with structured action plans and concepts of ownership and responsibility. For anyone that is feeling lost or down, or for any companies looking for a way to improve employee wellbeing, Paty is an excellent choice!"

- Daisy Hector, Senior HR Manager

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