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Meet Paty

Certified Life Coach

Paty, is a leader in generating self-love and a confident sense of identity, shifting people’s mindset from being a victim to becoming a creator and improving relationships. A childhood trauma left her with learning challenges, Paty was forced to create strategies to dramatically change her self-concept and life to be able to live a purposeful life. She has since dedicated her life to helping others unleash their true potential and awaken their inner strength. She is spreading a positive and empowering outlook on life that has not only helped her private clients but also her online community with her online coaching programs. Her mission: awakening people’s hearts to start living the life they deserve.

After more than 600 hours of coaching experience, helping her clients boost their confidence and create changes in all areas in their lives, Paty has been able to carefully put together a number steps that have been key to truly have a transformation, that not only she has experienced herself but has also witnessed its incredible impact on the lives of 100 remarkable clients.

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For the person with low self-esteem who is trying to create a positive life, filled with love, confidence, & healthy relationships


As a coach, I’ve seen it all. 


From my own personal experience dealing with low self-esteem & all the hundreds of clients I’ve worked with.


Since every person has a different background and a different story, what I bring to my sessions needs to reflect EXACTLY that.


It’s not enough to just guide you to become a wholesome version of yourself. I want you to LOVE the experience and enjoy every step of it. That’s what it’s all about, really.


Your personal story allows me to meet YOU where YOU are in YOUR journey, how to get you from point A to B, how to use what you like to get where you want to be in life & FREE yourself from going through low self-esteem everyday.


Every session, from the first minute to literally the last second where we have to say our goodbyes will be tailored just for YOU.


The program is here to show you that you actually have the chance to create a different life.


A life that makes you happy.


A life where you’re able to fully express yourself with confidence!


Our sessions will become an important aspect of your life to true transformation. Memories will be made, milestones will be hit! and happiness will be the end result! This will be the part where you start seeing true value & worth in yourself.


True though. I promise to make that happen.


"Today's session with you wasn't just another mental coaching hour - it was a life-altering experience. In a mere 60 minutes, you took me on a deep dive to uncover the real roots of my challenges, illuminating the path to real self-love. It was nothing short of mind-blowing. And the thing is, with you, this intensity and depth has become standard. It's not just about addressing problems, but genuinely transforming how I understand and engage with them. Honestly, I'm not just thankful - I'm blown away." - Andrea

Well, what do you get in the end?


The answer is really simple, friend.


My job is to help you create a strong sense of self. To learn how to love who you are and be confident.


Here’s a list of what you get from working with me:


  • The sessions we have will help you create better and healthier relationships, by being able to communicate better & having positive patterns, allowing you to be more confident in yourself.


  • Help you understand the voices in your head (fear, anxiety, insecurity..) and learn how to talk back to those voices to take back control of YOUR life.


  • Help you fight insecurities & self-doubts.


  • Forgiving your past to be able to live in the moment & create something different


See, this is just a tip of the iceberg compared to what the program has in store for you!


Let me tell you about courage…


COURAGE isn’t the absence of fear. It’s taking action despite the presence of fear


If you weren’t fearful about making a change, I’d be worried about you…


…Because this is a serious commitment.




So, the fact that you’re probably nervous, or the fact that you’re probably afraid makes you just like everybody else who succeeds.


And that is taking action despite the presence of fear.


So, friend - go ahead and book a free consultation call with me and let’s have a chat to see if we would be an awesome fit to go forward!

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