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The Empowered Heart Online Coaching Program

  • 24Steps


After working with more than 100 clients helping them boost their self-esteem, confidence and create changes in all areas in their life, I’ve been able to carefully craft an online program that combines all the steps, learnings, exercises and resources that have been key to truly have a transformative journey that i have not only experienced myself but i have also witnessed its incredible impact on the lives of each one of my remarkable clients. Following these steps I was able to change my entire life from one that i wasn’t happy about, where I felt alone, waking up depressed, doing a job that I didn’t like and falling into very unhealthy patterns to distract myself from what was going on to a life where I can be myself and love who I am, live with love, giving it and receiving it, I've found my purpose, wake up motivated daily and have started to live up to my full potential in all ways: mentally, physically, emotionally, professionally… and it all started within. Let me show you how to stop living the “Autopilot Lifestyle” (that won't take you anywhere good) and start living the “Empowered Heart Lifestyle” (to create the life of your dreams) through nurturing and taking care of the most important relationship you have in your life: you. Watch the intro video for more information. I'm so happy to say that now everyone will be able to afford Life Coaching and change their lives with The Empowered Heart Program. Much love, Paty.

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